Daniel Cormier Reveals His True Thoughts On Longtime Rival Jon Jones

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Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones are likely to exchange Christmas cards anytime soon.

The two UFC legends stood atop the light heavyweight division for years, with each standing in the other’s way as their biggest rival.

They fought twice inside the UFC octagon, with Jones winning the first fight via unanimous decision and the second via knockout before the result was overturned due to a positive drug test.

Cormier has regularly called Jones a cheater, while Jones has called Cormier some less than flattering things in response.

But after Jones’ most recent fight, when he moved up and defeated Ciryl Gane for UFC heavyweight championship, Cormier actually has some words of praise for his longtime rival.

Jones recently sat down with fellow UFC legend Henry Cejudo and discussed his relationship with Jones and how the two have come to find a mutual respect.

Cormier talked about how a message from Jones after his father passed showed the human side of his former rival.

“We talked about each other’s families [during our rivalry]. But in the darkest moments, when his mother passed, when my father passed, he sent me a message. He really did. And even in that moment, I appreciated that. For all that we’ve been through, I appreciated him sending me that message as I sent a message for his mother because we understand what family is.”

He noted that despite Jones’ legal troubles and failed drug tests, Cormier still believes he’s a good person.

“There is good in that dude. You just gotta be able to get to it. Nobody is without fault. Everybody has messed up. I have. So, for us to cast stones at him — that’s why in those dark moments I was never trying to pile onto him. I hope he gets better, I hope this works out for him. I never tried to kick him while he was down. Now, in fight promotion, what you say is what you say. Especially when you have a history like him and I had.”

Jones has not yet responded to the comments. But it’s a stark change from what they’ve said about one another in the past.