College Football Analyst Danny Kanell Went On A Ruthless Twitter Spree Ripping The SEC

College Football Analyst Danny Kanell's Twitter Rant Against The SEC

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How many times over the last decade (or more) have we heard about how much better the SEC is at football than every other conference in the nation? It’s probably too many to count.

Monday night’s 44-16 drubbing of Alabama by Clemson in the National Championship game and Georgia’s beatdown at the hands of Texas in the Cotton Bowl was some sweet vindication for fans of pretty much every other conference in college football.

It was also, apparently, sweet vinidication for CBS Sports college football analyst Danny Kanell, who spent most of the National Championship game, and then some, vociferously piling on the SEC on Twitter.

During the course of his ranting, Kanell, who, for the record, competed in the ACC at Florida State, made some great points about how mediocre the SEC was this year in bowls, went off the rails a few times, and as of two hours ago was still chirping about how overrated Alabama was this season.

In fairness, he did warn all the SEC fans who follow him that it was coming.

He wasn’t lying.

And heeeere we go.

Just in case any SEC fans were still following him…

That’s a reference to this.

Then he began personally trolling those who doubted him earlier in the season.

So wrong.

And who knew Danny Kanell was such an entertaining Twitter follow?

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