Sixers General Manager Daryl Morey Absolutely Ethered Bill Simmons For His Ridiculous Warriors Take

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  • Following the Boston Celtics’ NBA Finals loss, Bill Simmons put out a tweet claiming the Golden State Warriors didn’t qualify as a dynasty.
  • NBA Twitter laid into Simmons for his ridiculous take.
  • Sixers GM Daryl Morey got in on the fun, calling Simmons out in a big way.

Bill Simmons is the master of the hot take.

Stephen A. Smith may get all the attention, but Simmons has used the art of the take to build his own outlet with The Ringer.

His latest take, however, is one of saltiest and perhaps most ridiculous.

Bill Simmons Claims The Warriors Aren’t A Dynasty

According to Simmons, who was definitely not just salty that his beloved Celtics lost, Golden State isn’t a dynasty. This is despite the Warriors winning four titles in eight years.

The idea is absurd and Simmons was rightly roasted for it by NBA Twitter.

Simmons are left out the 2000s San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers on his list of dynasties, which is equally crazy.

But one particular reply stood out. Philadelphia 76ers general manager Daryl Morey had to get his pound of flesh.

Morey didn’t just come for Simmons, he made it personal. He made it clear that Simmons’ take was bore solely of hate for having just lost a championship. Morey also implied that the take was crazy enough to land Simmons a job on ESPN replacing Stephen A. Smith.

Of course, the last time that Simmons worked for the mothership things didn’t end all that well. He’s loaded with a full arsenal of take this time around, no matter how ridiculous they may sound.