One NFL Team’s Star Receiver Is Reportedly Pushing For The Team To Acquire Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers under center

Getty Image / Patrick McDermott

With Tom Brady officially heading for retirement, the next big name with a decision to make is Aaron Rodgers.

If he decides he wants to return to football for the 2023 season, it looks like the Green Bay Packers are ready to move on from him.

That would leave him looking for a potential landing spot where he could finish his football career.

There is no shortage of teams around the league that could use a quarterback, but it seems there is one whose star receiver is already pushing for the team to land the star QB.

It should come as no surprise that Davante Adams is lobbying for the Las Vegas Raiders to reunite him with his former quarterback according to Pro Football Network’s Tony Pauline.

During Shrine Bowl week, a source told PFN that receiver Davante Adams is lobbying hard to bring Rodgers to the Raiders. That was further confirmed this week.

Davante Adams can’t be happy with how his move to Vegas has worked out. When he joined the Raiders, he was expecting to get the chance to play alongside his college quarterback for years to come. That lasted for 15 games.

His first season with the Raiders also lacked consistency. He had some monster games throughout the year, but he also had 5 games where he made 3 or less catches.

Now the team has Jarrett Stidham and the 7th pick in the draft. Stidham’s numbers in his two starts weren’t bad, but he also didn’t play well enough to give the Raiders much confidence in him being their starter next season.

Drafting a quarterback could be an option with pick 7, but they’d probably be getting the 4th best QB in the draft in a class that has a decent drop-off after the top 2.

Bringing in Aaron Rodgers would definitely keep Adams happy and would give a Las Vegas Raiders team that just finished 6-11 a chance to compete for a playoff spot.