Watching David Ortiz Pour Vodka Into Frank Thomas’ Drink During A Commercial Break Will Put A Smile On Your Face

david ortiz vodka

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It’s absolutely fantastic to see David Ortiz healthy, in good spirits and on our TV screens during these MLB Playoffs after being shot in the Dominican Republic just four months ago.

Ortiz is working as an analyst for Fox Sports breaking down the American League throughout the playoffs and on Friday night after the Astros eliminated the Rays, the coverage showed Ortiz pulling a prank on Thomas ahead of their pregame show. Nothing like a surprise pull of vodka before going on national television.

You can see when Thomas takes his sip Ortiz filled the rest of the bottle up with water so it was a little watered down but there are only a few things worse than having your taste buds tricked like that, especially with vodka.

It took a few seconds for it to register with Thomas though. He took his sip, put the bottle back under the desk and then took a half-second before having any sort of reaction. It’s also hilarious he’s looking at the camera crew and people behind the scenes asking them what the drink was like they gave him something wrong.

It seems as if these guys have a pretty good time on set seeing as how there is just a handle of vodka sitting on set; whatever gets you ready to break down some baseball fellas.

We’ll have to wait and see if and how Thomas gets him back as the ALCS is set to get underway on Saturday with the Yankees and Astros doing battle in Houston.