MLB Reporter Who Broke His Arm, Fractured Ribs On Brewers Slide Returns For Redemption Ride

The Brewers mascot slides down the slide at American Family Field.

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MLB reporter David Vassegh returned to the site of tragedy on Monday as the Los Angeles Dodgers took on the Milwaukee Brewers. Last year while covering a Dodger game in American Family Field, Vassegh had a disastrous trip down the famed slide in centerfield.

This week, he looked for redemption. The Dodgers’ social media team posted a hilarious video of the reporter overcoming his fear before first pitch.

Every stadium has its own traits and oddities that separate it from the others around the league. The ivy at Wrigley, the Green Monster at Fenway, and of course, the massive slide beyond the outfield walls in Milwaukee.

Often, fans in attendance see the mascot, Bernie Brewer, swiftly scoot down the childhood pleasure after the team slugs a home run. Fans, too, can enjoy the amusement for the low, low price of $150 a ride.

A dream come true for young baseball game goers as the one-of-a-kind experience lets you feel like part of the action.

Unfortunately, that dream turned into a nightmare last season for one Dodgers reporter.

Vassegh’s horrific slip down the slide last August immediately went viral as he crashed into the wall on the landing zone travelling at full speed.

The result was a broken arm and six fractured ribs.

Making things worse was the fact that he’d been looking forward to riding on the slide, talking about it for three days prior to the team’s road trip.

On Monday, he got a chance to take another ride, though he took some precautions for this trip.

The Dodgers’ social media team posted a video of Vassegh taking another attempt at a slide at American Family Field, though he opted to go on a kid-friendly version this time around.

“Sliding ain’t easy,” Vassegh says before making his trip. It’s good to see he’s still having fun with his terrifying first attempt.