DeAndre Hopkins Claims He’s Kept His Eye On These 2 Teams The Most Amid Trade Rumors

DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

DeAndre Hopkins has had a lot to say recently as trade rumors continue to swirl around the Arizona Cardinals star wide receiver.

After naming the five quarterbacks he’d love to play with, Hopkins now reveals the two teams he’s kept an eye on, as he seems to believe they could each pull the trigger.

During his appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, the veteran receiver reveals that he’s heard rumors of two teams talking about potentially trading for him.

Those teams in question are the New England Patriots and Buffalo Bills.

“I’ve heard a lot of rumors of people calling. I would definitely say the Patriots were one of the teams. Obviously, I would say the Bills were one of those teams that I heard.”

It’s important to note, that DeAndre Hopkins makes it clear that he has had no direct talks with either of these organizations.

Instead, he’s used social media to help lead him to believe that the Patriots and Bills are the two teams most likely to pull the trigger.

“I didn’t have direct conversations, but just seeing what’s on Twitter, what’s on Instagram, you’ve got to pay attention to some of those things. Really, those are the only two teams that I paid attention to that I was like, ‘All right, let me see if social media’s right.'”

With that said, maybe there is some truth to the trade rumors regarding DeAndre Hopkins. Both, the Bills and Patriots could use another wide receiver. Especially of his caliber.

Additionally, an important factor that only adds onto the growing trade speculation is that Hopkins has yet to arrive to any voluntary team activities this offseason.

There are multiple factors as to why Hopkins is rumored to be traded this offseason. The uncertainty surrounding Kyler Murray’s return from injury might be at the top of the list.

Additionally, the Cardinals could be one of the worst teams in the league next season. That’s not a great position for a guy like DeAndre Hopkins, who is in the back half of his career.

For now, everything is just speculation. However, Hopkins has been talking quite a bit lately. So perhaps something could happen at some point during the summer.

If a trade does come to fruition, the Cardinals are likely to wait until after June 1, as the Cardinals would have the opportunity to spread Hopkins’ contract over the next two years.

So, Arizona could gain more financial freedom for next year’s offseason, which might not be a bad idea.