DeAndre Hopkins Lists The QBs He Wants To Play For With Trade Rumors Resurfacing

DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Norm Hall

Trade rumors have been up and down through the offseason in regards to DeAndre Hopkins.

They cooled off during the NFL Draft, but suddenly they resurfaced all thanks to an interview where the Arizona Cardinals star sort of spills the beans.

During an appearance on the I Am Athlete podcast, Brandon Marshall asked Hopkins point blank which five quarterbacks he’d like to play for.

After pondering it for a bit, DeAndre Hopkins named Josh Allen, Jalen Hurts, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, and Justin Herbert as his top five quarterbacks he’d play for if he were traded.

So there you have it. Hopkins has these five quarterbacks in his sights. If that’s the case, then maybe one of those five teams should consider making a trade offer for the star wide receiver.

However, of those five teams, the Buffalo Bills probably make the most sense. Especially considering the Philadelphia Eagles are loaded at receiver, while the Kansas City Chiefs seem more interested in developing their young talent.

The Baltimore Ravens could be a solid choice though, as they’d suddenly have two veteran stars mixed with young talent. And the LA Chargers wouldn’t be a bad option either, albeit, they already have a solid wide receiver group.

The hosts tried throwing Dak Prescott in there too. But if you watch Hopkins’ reaction when they name Prescott, he very subtly, shakes his head no.

In addition to naming five quarterbacks, DeAndre Hopkins also spills the beans in what he’s looking for if the Cardinals were to trade him.

According to the I Am Athlete podcast, Hopkins is looking for stability, a great quarterback, and a team with a great defense.

It’s probably safe to say that Arizona is lacking in these departments. The Cardinals have been less than stable over the years. Kyler Murray’s injury status makes his return unclear, and the defense isn’t nearly as good as it could be.

With that said, perhaps Hopkins really is seeking a trade. For that reason, he should be monitored heavily throughout the remainder of the offseason.