DeAndre Hopkins Reveals Preferred Landing Spots Amid Trade Speculation

DeAndre Hopkins

Getty Image / Cooper Neill

A person’s body language can sometimes tell you everything you need to know.

That certainly seems to be the case when it comes to DeAndre Hopkins, as the star receiver reveals his desired destination amid trade speculation.

It’s rare to get inside the minds of pro athletes like this. Especially when they’re the main subject of trade rumors.

Typically guys like DeAndre Hopkins don’t dish out much information. However, things changed during his guest appearance on a podcast show.

During a segment on the All Things Covered podcast, Hopkins was asked to use his body language to express where he might be interested in playing next season.

DeAndre Hopkins was given four teams to react to. Here is how it played out.

So, it appears that Hopkins has no interest in playing for the New England Patriots or New York Jets.

You’d think there would be some intrigue with the Jets considering they’re likely to trade for Aaron Rodgers soon. Even so, the star receiver didn’t seem too excited about the idea of playing in New York.

On the other hand, maybe the Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs should make an offer to trade for Hopkins.

Could you imagine Josh Allen throwing to him and Stefon Diggs? Or how about DeAndre Hopkins playing alongside Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes?

You can’t go wrong with either of those options. Both teams are Super Bowl contenders, so it makes sense why Hopkins has an interest in playing for them.

But, will the Cardinals trade him to the Bills or Chiefs? Will they even make an offer? These questions will hopefully be answered soon, as analysts speculate DeAndre Hopkins could be traded during the NFL Draft.

With that said, this year’s draft could be a wild one.