Debate The Slate: Paige Dimakos Joins To Chat Hot Takes, NFL Playoffs, Chicago Sports, And More

Debate The Slate is back and, oh boy, it’s a doozy. I won’t lie to you guys, it’s a long episode but it’s one of our best yet. We cover it all and have an amazing chat with Paige Dimakos AKA @The_SportsPaige [27:10-1:08:30].

We open the show [5:00-12:30] by recapping last weekend’s NFL action which leads to me going on an impromptu rant about how much I hate Ben Roethlisberger. Of course, Dom talks about his love for the Pats which I counterbalance by discussing why we all hate them. Then we chat the NBA All-Star game [12:45-23:00], it’s confusing new format and whether we think LeBron will draft Kyrie if given the chance. Eventually, we find ourselves discussing why every All-Star game kind of sucks and how they could be better (hint, improvements never involve Kid Rock performing).

Then we happily welcome our guest [27:10-1:08:30]! Host at FanRag Sports Network, Paige Dimakos AKA @The_SportsPaige joins the show and we have a blast. We dive right into why Twitter is the world’s biggest and best sports bar even though it’s often full of assholes (she even shares some insanely brutal threats she’s gotten in response to hot takes). Of course, we discuss the upcoming NFL Championship weekend – which leads to Pats talk (why everyone hates them) and why she’s all in for the Jags. Then, before we make her pick this weekend’s games, we chat Chicago Sports, Gruden’s return to Oakland, the NHL, and more.

Finally, we close out the show by making our official picks for NFL Championship weekend [1:09:30-1:17:30].

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