Kid Rock To Headline The 2018 NHL All Star Game (For Some Reason)

kid rock nhl

Kick Rock, who last released a Top 25 single in 2008, will headline the 2018 NHL All-Star Game in Tampa Bay.

Kid Rock continues a tradition of underwhelming, and arguably irrelevant, artists to play NHL events. One can only assume Kid Rock was booked after the NHL failed to book no less than 250 other artists. I refuse to believe the NHL’s first choice in musical entertainment for an All-Star Game in Tamp Bay, Florida was a fake Senate candidate and country-rap singer from Detroit.

Regardless of the NHL’s preferences, they can’t be surprised by the backlash from fans on Twitter. With Kid Rock’s controversial history of performing with Confederate flags on stage and ability to ruin classic rock songs with god-awful lyrics, no one could expect this announcement to be met with a ton of positive reactions. From media members to fans, the NHL got some harsh and hilarious feedback after the Kid Rock announcement.

Check it out:


Kid Rock’s Sunday performance will take place during the All-Star Game’s second intermission, the most valued performance slot of the weekend. All-Star Game Weekend’s musical performances begin with Florida’s own, Flo Rida performing at the NHL Skills Competition. So, while you watch some of the best hockey players on the planet, you can finally get your fix of autotune and racist country rappers.