Debate The Slate: NHL Playoffs Preview And Predictions With Cutler Klein

My personal favorite time of year is here! The Stanley Cup Playoffs start tonight and I couldn’t be more excited.

On today’s show, Dom and I are joined by Cutler Klein of Penalty Box Radio. Cutler previously worked for and the Vegas Golden Knights before becoming a credentialed media member with the Nashville Predators.

Culter helps us break down each first-round series of the NHL Playoffs and preview each team’s chance to continue in the quest for The Cup. We talk about why each team can win their first-round series and the reason they could fail to advance. If you’re a puckhead, you’re in for a treat because Cutler knows his shit. So, be sure to follow him on Twitter: @CutlerKlein.

Enjoy, it’s the NHL Playoff Edition of Debate The Slate.


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