Deion Sanders Kicks Player Out Of Workout For Wearing Wrong Socks, Makes Coaches Run Wind Sprints

Deion Sanders speaks at a Colorado press conference.

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Deion Sanders is running a tight ship in Boulder. The head coach was seen booting a Colorado player from a recent workout over his choice of socks.

That clip is now going around social media, causing quite a reaction from college football fans.

Sanders is starting his first season with the Buffaloes as he looks to get the program back to national relevance. He’s done his part thus far, landing the team a ton of national exposure over the offseason.

Coach Prime crushed it on the recruiting front, landing a top 25 class following a one-win campaign. That number was bolstered by his top-ranked transfer class which included former No. 1 recruit Travis Hunter and his son, Shedeur, who expects to be the team’s starting quarterback.

He was also able to land the commitment of top high school defender Cormani McClain, giving the Buffaloes a nice starting point to lay a foundation for the future.

Deion Sanders was able to turn that recruiting success into excitement as the athletic department recorded sky-high ticket sales and expects a fantastic turnout for the upcoming spring game.

While Colorado has been able to flip the roster, those incoming players are going to be held to a high standard. We saw that on full display this week as a viral clip of their head coach made its way around the internet.

Sanders kicked a player out of a workout for wearing white socks. Apparently, that’s not up to the dress code.

Fans were quick to react. Most applauded Deion Sanders’ decision.

After all, we know it’s not really about the socks, anyway.

Apparently, it’s not just the players he’s holding accountable. He had the coaches running sprints in a recent spring practice, too.

It’s a new era in Colorado football, and Deion Sanders isn’t messing around.