Deion Sanders Explains Why He Is ‘The Man’ And Why It’s Impossible To Try And Become ‘The Man’

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Deion Sanders is “Prime Time” and “Prime Time” is Deion Sanders. One is not a persona that the other puts on. They are one in the same. They are not different people.

In a recent conversation with comedian Desi Banks on the How It Goes Down Podcast, Sanders talked about what it takes to be “The Man.” With a net worth of around $40 million, two Super Bowl rings, nine-years in the MLB, a successful career as an analyst and a SWAC Coach of the Year award to his name, Prime knows a thing or two about the topic.

Wherever Sanders goes, pomp and circumstance follows. He has always been in the spotlight. Not because he tries to be, but because he is.

“The Man never tries to be The Man because he is The Man,” Sanders said. “The dude that tries to be the man validates that he’s not him, because you can’t try to be what you already are.”

Prime went on to explain that throughout his entire playing career, he was the guy that everybody to watch. He was the guy that everybody had their eyes on. It was never fake.

“So, I always knew that no matter what position it was, I’m still going to be that dude,” he said. “I’ve got the gifts, and I’ve got that work ethic and I’ve got the discipline.”

Sanders explained that he has the “passion for the purpose” because he had to make sure his mom could retire on his success, a promise he made to her at seven years old. He was driven.

Here are his full comments: