Deion Sanders Cashes-In On Jay Norvell’s Jab With Genius Marketing Gift To Players And Pat McAfee

Deion Sanders gifted players, Pat McAfee, Shannon Sharpe and Stephen A. Smith with sunglasses after Jay Norvell's comments
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Deion Sanders is a master of motivation and promotion. He did both of those things ahead of Colorado’s rivalry bout with on Saturday.

It all stems back to comments made by Jay Norvell earlier this week. The 60-year-old Colorado State head coach took a shot at Coach Prime for how he carries himself in the public eye.

Specifically, Norvell took issue with how Sanders does not take off his hat or sunglasses while talking to grownups, as his mother told him. He played right into the Buffaloes’ hand.

They should stomp the Rams this weekend and may have been riding a high of their first two wins over Nebraska and TCU. Perhaps Colorado might have overlooked its game this weekend with Oregon and USC on the horizon.

Not anymore!

Norvell made it personal. Sanders made it abundantly clear that it is personal— again. Shilo, Deion’s son and the Buffs’ leading tackler, was baffled as to why Norvell said what he said.

Coach Prime took it even one step further on Thursday night and Friday morning. First, he gifted his entire team — every player on the roster — with a new pair of sunglasses.

If that wasn’t savage enough, Sanders gave the very same sunglasses to Shannon Sharpe, Stephen A. Smith and Molly Querim during an appearance on First Take.

He did the same for Pat McAfee!

If that wasn’t savage enough, the sunglasses are also a marketing ploy. Prime partnered with Blenders to release the ‘Prime 21 – Gold’ frames. They are available for pre-orders at $67 per pair.

Not only is Sanders using Norvell’s comments as motivation for a potential sleepwalk, he is making money off of the rival coach. How does he do it? Why did Norvell say what he said?

Coach Prime is on an incredible roll. He can’t stop winning.