Deion Sanders Claims Schools Offered Travis Hunter A Ridiculous Amount Of Money To Transfer

Deion Sanders at the Colorado spring game.

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Deion Sanders got a huge win on the recruiting trail when he convinced cornerback Travis Hunter to follow him from Jackson State to Colorado. According to the head coach, that win didn’t come easy.

Coach Prime claims that opposing schools offered ridiculous amounts of money to lure him away. In the end, their relationship outweighed those offers.

NIL has overtaken college football recruiting as it’s now legal to pay for play. Money is becoming a tool and we’re beginning to see just how far boosters and programs are willing to go.

In the first offseason of NIL, we saw Texas A&M land the top class of all time. Rumors swirled of a collective $30 million in payment for those commitments, many of whom have now left the team.

We’ve seen other major claims, most notably a $13 million offer for five-star freshman Jaden Rashada, and now, Deion Sanders is telling folks how much schools were willing to pay his most talented defender.


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Coach Prime claims that programs offered upwards of $1.5 million in attempts to lure Travis Hunter away from Boulder. In the end, his relationship with his head coach proved stronger.

It’s interesting to see Sanders on the other side in this scenario as he was rumored to have paid a pretty penny to bring Hunter to Jackson State, though he denies it.

“Just like how Deion got him to Jackson State,” one fan commented.

Others have been quick to give their thoughts as they weigh in on Coach Prime’s claims.

This fan said, “Let’s not pretend his CU bag was small to start with…”

Someone else wrote, “Translation ‘We offered him more.'”

The arms race in college football continues. Deion Sanders was able to win this particular battle.