Poor Dell Curry Gets Dabbed On By A Fan Moments After The Warriors Lost The NBA Finals

Cold. So cold. Dell Curry just chillin’ in the stands looking like he lost his parents at Disney World, grappling with the array of emotions that come with your son’s team blowing a 3-1 Finals lead after being deemed the greatest team ever assembled, and then someone extends an olive branch. A handshake. A gesture of consolation to distract him of his son’s squad losing as many games in the postseason and they did the entire six-month regular season. Dell’s fragile psyche was probably hoping for a bear hug. Instead, he got punked by a trend he likely doesn’t understand by someone who doesn’t give a shit that he’s the Charlotte Hornets all-time leading scorer. The man who created the dude who had one of the greatest seasons in NBA history was treated like a one of those dudes who try to stop you in the street with a clipboard to talk to you about saving refugees. When it rains, it pours.

dell curry

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