Demi Bagby’s Backflip-Split Is The Most Impressive First Pitch In Baseball History

San Diego Padres First Pitch Demi Bagby

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  • Crossfit athlete Demi Bagby threw out the most impressive first pitch in baseball history.
  • Her story is remarkable and she deserves all of the recognition.
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20-year-old Demi Bagby is an American Crossfit athlete and Bodybuilder with an incredible story. She threw out the first pitch at a San Diego Padres game on Friday and it was the most impressive first pitch performance in baseball history.

Bagby has a massive social media following with nearly two million subscribers on YouTube and 13.9 million on TikTok. Prior to her athletic accomplishments and internet fame, it wasn’t always certain that she would be able to walk.

In 2014, Bagby suffered a freak cheerleading accident in which she broke her back. She was left paralyzed as a result.

During her recovery period, the San Diego native became enthralled with CrossFit and calisthenics. As she worked back to full health, she vowed to become involved with the sports if she could walk again.

Seven years after the accident, on Friday, Bagby was invited to throw out the first pitch for her hometown Padres. She nailed it.

Bagby didn’t throw from the mound, but she stepped it up a notch. After pretending to throw from the stretch, she stuck a backflip before executing an emphatic toe-touch and landing in the splits.

She threw an on-target pitch to Friar Fred behind the plate. Watch the dugout go crazy.

The slow-mo replay is absolutely unreal.



No first pitch will ever be greater than George Bush at Yankee Stadium after 9/11, but Bagby’s first pitch was the most impressive of all-time.