NASCAR Driver Denny Hamlin Absolutely Destroys Chase Elliott On Podcast After Crash Involving The Duo

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NASCAR superstars Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott officially have beef.

It all began on Monday when Elliott and Hamlin crashed in the Coca Cola 600, taking both drivers out of the race.

Upon replay, Elliott appeared to have intentionally wrecked Hamlin after prior contact between the two on track.

Hamlin immediately called out the 2021 NASCAR Cup Series champ in an interview after the wreck and then showed car-tracking data that appears to show Elliott turn sharply left just prior to the two making contact.

But it didn’t end there. Hamlin then went on his podcast, Actions Detrimental with Denny Hamlin, and called Elliott out ever further.

“He was having a s*** day anyway, in his opinion, and he threw a little temper tantrum and decided to hook a left on us down the straightaway,” Hamlin said of the incident. “And not only the straightaway, but the f****** dogleg. Like, I hit heat on. Not sideways. Like, the worst part of the racetrack that I could possibly hit.

“So, I don’t know. We’ve seen this. I’ve seen this with him in the past. When he got pissed off when Larson kind of drove him up in the fence at California. Larson’s leading the race at the end. He intentionally caused a caution there, trying to screw Larson over, his teammate.

“Then when Harvick and him got into it, he came in, ‘where’s Harvick? I’m gonna help my teammate out.’ Blocks Harvick, so Kyle Larson could win. Like, this is b*******.

“And so, I don’t mind Chase Elliott fans. Some of ’em are sane. Most of ’em are not. When you got the Dawsonville pool room saying ‘oh my, we need a substitute driver next week’ you probably know you f***** up.”

NASCAR had a similar situation a year ago when Bubba Wallace intentionally wrecked Larson.

Wallace, who drives for Hamlin’s 23XI race team, was suspended for a race.

We’ve yet to hear whether the same fate is set to befall Elliott. But it sure seems like Hamlin thinks it should.

UPDATE: NASCAR has since suspended Elliott for next week’s race at World Wide Technology Raceway in St. Louis.

“In this week’s penalty report, officials ruled Elliott intentionally crashed Denny Hamlin on Lap 186 of Monday’s Coca-Cola 600 at Charlotte Motor Speedway, turning left into Hamlin’s right-rear quarter panel and sending the No. 11 Toyota head-on into the outside SAFER barrier on the front straightaway after a squeeze from Hamlin led Elliott to brushing the wall at the exit of Turn 4,” a statement from the series read.