Denver Broncos Install Sanitation ‘Misting Booth’ To Disinfect Players, Science Be Damned

Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

In the wake of the Detroit Lions being mocked for installing plexiglass barriers in the locker room in a sheepish effort to combat COVID, the Denver Broncos have decided to take their “security theater” up a notch.

On Monday, the team introduced what some are referring to as the Mile High Mist, a security measure that is essentially a marriage between a sanitizing mister and a metal detector.

Aric DiLalla, a writer for the Bronco’s website, described how the team hopes the device will work.

This disinfecting spray helps protects the players from COVID-19 by killing microbes and pathogens instantly by forming millions of nano-crystalline structures.

Players walk through the non-toxic spray as they walk out to the practice field for a walkthrough or practice.

Via TMZ:

We’re told the booth is spraying a product called “MicroSURE” — which is touted as a powerful nontoxic disinfectant that kills viruses like E.Coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Coronavirus upon contact.

Sanitizing clothes and preventing microscopic droplets of moisture that escape through the mouth and nose are two different animals. The more effective measure will likely be the proposed new face mask the NFL is pitching to players to test out in training camp. But probably not. 

The Mile High Mist is getting Mile High Dissed on the world wide web.

I can’t imagine having football in the fall and I also can’t imagine not having football in the fall. What a weird time.