Texas Tech’s Derrick Willies Exploded From A Seated Position To Do 60-Inch Box Jump While Wearing A 10-Pound Vest



What in the fuck are athletes eating these days? Whatever it is, I really want in on the secret, because another college football player just blew my mind with an insane 60-inch box jump while wearing a 10-pound vest—oh, and he did so from a seated position.

The kid’s name is Derrick Willies, who’s a wide receiver for the Texas Tech Red Raiders after recently transferring from a Juco school. If Willies ball-catching skills are as nasty as his freak show athleticism he put on display here, the Red Raiders are going to be pretty happy.

And with this, Willies just took the lead in the mind-blowing box jump video race—even with a few other amazing ones—because this is just insanity.

[H/T FTW.USAToday]