This Video Of Kansas RB DeVonte Wilson Doing Box Jumps With 315 Pounds On His Back Makes JJ Watt Look Like A Lil Bitch

This dude looks to be a solid pickup for the Jayhawks, to put it lightly. The 6’1”, 195-pound Freshman running back’s Instagram account is peppered with INSANE workout videos aimed at making you feel like shit for going to the gym a grand total of twice this entire summer.

The only thing his Instagram account is missing is a video of him aggressively singing Fort Minor’s ‘Remember the Name.’

Take a look at the below video of the 19-year-old box jumping with an astounding 315 POUNDS on his back. I’ve also added some additional videos of him jumping over skyscrapers to give you a little leg day inspiration.

Could have been me if I didn’t tear my ACL back in grade school.