NFL World Reacts To Deshaun Watson Now Facing Lawsuit From 23rd Woman

NFL World Reacts To Deshaun Watson Facing Lawsuit From 23rd Woman

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  • A 23rd woman has reportedly filed a lawsuit against Deshaun Watson.
  • The NFL world shared its reaction to the rising of Watson’s lawsuit count.
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Another woman has filed a lawsuit against Deshaun Watson alleging inappropriate sexual conduct. The new lawsuit brings the count to 23 civil cases the Cleveland Browns QB now faces.

The woman had not planned to sue Watson but changed her mind after watching HBO’s ‘Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel’ last week as two other accusers came forward about allegations of inappropriate sexual conduct against Watson.

“In this 23rd civil case against Watson, the lawsuit states that the plaintiff had her first massage sessions with Watson during the summer of 2020 and that his “behavior grew worse,” according to Jake Trotter of ESPN.

“During the third and final massage, the lawsuit states that Watson exposed himself to her, touched the woman between the legs and “repeatedly requested” the plaintiff have sex with him.”

Two grand juries in Texas have declined to pursue any criminal charges against Watson. As for possible punishment from the NFL, the league is investigating whether or not Watson violated its code of conduct policy.

At this time it’s unknown when a possible ruling about Watson and the investigation will be announced.

NFL World Reacts To New Deshaun Watson Lawsuit