Detroit Attempted To Implode The Silverdome And Failed Miserably – Twitter Has Jokes

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The Pontiac Silverdome opened on August 23, 1975 and was closed in 2013. On Sunday morning, the home of the Detroit Lions was to be demolished and it did not go as smoothly as the Georgia Dome demolition from two weeks ago. Things did not go as planned and after the smoke cleared the Silverdome was still standing strong after the attempted implosion at 8:30 in the morning. The controlled explosions did not snap the metal support beams that were supposed to collapse the upper deck.

Fail. Detroit officials said that the demolition “didn’t go according to plan.” Well. No shit. One official said the Silverdome is “built a little too well” while another official said, “eight explosive charges failed to go off at Silverdome implosion today – believe wiring somehow cut.” Another implosion will be scheduled for a later date. Twitter was happy to point out all of the funny in the fail including the building’s link to the Detroit Lions.

The Pontiac Silverdome was the former home of the Detroit Lions from 1975 until 2001, the Detroit Pistons from 1978 until 1988, and the North American Soccer League’s Detroit Express from 1978 until 1980. The Silverdome also hosted major events during its heyday including the NCAA Cherry Bowl in 1984, a Led Zepplin concert in 1977, a mass celebrated by Pope John Paul II in 1987, and WrestleMania III in 1987 that had a record attendance of 93,173.

Once and if salvageabledemolish the Silverdome, it will take workers at least six months to sift through the rubble to find materials that are salvagable. There is said to be 1,700 tons of structural steel and 1,800 tons of rebar that will be recycled at a processing plant. In all, it will take approximately one year to complete the full demolition of the Silverdome. But this implosion failure will last forever.

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