Detroit Red Wings Score Most Blatantly Illegal Goal Imaginable


With 27 seconds remaining in the game, Niklas Kronwell's shot was deflected over the glass and into the protective netting — like 25 feet above the ice. It then dropped down off the back of Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick and into the net.

Against all odds, officials didn't notice and the non-reviewable “goal” was allowed to stand. 

Given the gift, the Red Wings went on to win in a shootout.

Kings coach Darryl Sutter deserves a healthy amount of credit for not going full Kevin Ollie, although his postgame comments weren't too cheery.

“That’s embarrassing for the league. That’s what that is. It doesn’t matter if we’d have scored, or if they had scored it. That’s embarrassing.”

[H/T: Puck Daddy]