I’m A Little Emotional After Watching Devon Still Say Goodbye To His Daughter Leah Still Before Training Camp

Has there been a better story in sports over the past year than the Devon and Leah Still one?

In case you’ve been living under a rock during that time, Leah, a five-year-old girl who has been battling cancer for the past year or so, has gained a lot of attention for her fight against the disease, helping raise money for research and support, with the news of her illness being in remission a good sign for everyone.

With her dad playing for the Cincinnati Bengals, Devon Still has used his fame in a positive way, building awareness for both his daughter’s cause and others who live with a type of cancer.

After her dad won the Jimmy V Perseverance Award at this year’s ESPY Awards, it’s clear that the Still’s remain to be advocates and influencers, with the five-year-old inspiring anyone who she comes in contact with.

So, pardon me for getting a little teary-eyed as I watch Devon and Leah say goodbye as he leaves for Bengals training camp, trading kisses and even tossing in a little customized handshake for good measure.

Here’s to Leah continuing to win her fight—and for the person next to me at this coffee shop for giving me a tissue, because this one made some tears fall.

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