Redskins Legend Dexter Manley Says Black QBs Are More Mobile Because ‘They’re Used To Running From The Law’

dexter manley


Dexter Manley, nicknamed “The Secretary of Defense,” had an illustrious 11-year career as a defensive end with the Redskins, Cardinals and Bucs. The Pro Bowler has won two Super Bowls and is widely considered a legend in Washington.

But during an NFL pregame show on WUSA-TV in Washington DC, Manley used extremely poor judgement when discussing Cam Newton–who may become the first black quarterback to ever be named NFL MVP, largely in part to his 626 yards rushing this year.

“Most of the black quarterbacks, they like running, because they’re probably used to running from the law,” Manley said.

Upon hearing this, Manley’s co-host cringes, dropping his head and hoping to be anywhere else on the planet than sitting next to a guy who just dropped the most insensitive comment of 2016.


[h/t Deadspin]

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