Dez Bryant Used To Have One-on-One Sprint-Offs Against Horses Because Of Course He Did (VIDEO)

Dez Bryant racing horses Oklahoma State


When Dez Bryant was at Oklahoma State he apparently used to race against horses on the football field — mano y mano — to prove, but mostly showcase his blistering speed. This is all very Dez Bryant but also pretty remarkable when you think about it.

One simple gallop from a sprinting horse is basically a first down, so I’m not sure how these races were even remotely close. It’s not like Bryant has the obscenely long strides of renowned gazelle, Colin Kaepernick.

All this does is cement what we already knew: The dude is an absolute freakshow of an athlete. Now get this man a healthy quarterback, pronto.

It’s also worth pointing out that “laughing camera guy” makes these videos twice as fun.


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