2013 Dick Nick Championships Round 2: Which Athlete’s Nickname is the Best Euphemism for a Penis?


Does size really matter? We’re sure to find out after the length of The Leg goes head-to-head with the girth of The Herc'.


In a battle of teammates, there can be only one. Big Ben wrestles The Tasmanian Devil to find out whose steel is better forged.


Beast Mode hasn’t time for rules. The Sheriff enforces them. Can the lawman detain this monster before it taints yet another city?


Muscle vs. Machine. The Matrix warned us this would happen. Can the Hamster jack in before Mega pulls out?


After pulling the improbable #16 vs. #1 upset, Darko advances to face Gortat in a European matchup of Serb-dick vs. Pol-cock.


In a classic matchup of offensive vs. defense, Billups looks to his blast his Big Shot through the rigid stronghold of the Serge Protector.


In a battle of firearms, the AK-47 will aim to shoot down the Reddest of Rockets.


In a swordfight of bestiality, The Manimal will look to avoid the poisonous venom of The Black Mamba.

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The Big Donkey has quite the appetite, but is it large enough to devour the smorgasbord known as Country Breakfast?


What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?


In a duel of disorders, obesity battles anorexia as Fat Elvis looks to smother Little Daddy.


Foreskin could be the x-factor.


As the only top seed to survive Round 1, The Golden One must use his sack of tricks in an uphill battle against the Baby Dominator.


In a battle of production vs. consumption, can Crankshaft out produce the hunger of Guzzler?


There’s no telling what The Mayor might do to wipe out the endangered Gorilla Salad.


Optimus Reim showed no signs of slowing down while surging passed Buff Daddy. Can The Iceberg stay true to form and sink another Titanic?