Dick Vitale Comes From The Top Rope To Deliver The Hurt On Lonzo And LaVar Ball For Their Big Baller Brand Shoes

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There aren’t many NBA fans wishing for Lonzo Ball to succeed in the NBA after he and his abrasive father put out the Big Ball Brand shoe for a reasonable $495. If that is slightly above your pay grade, especially for repping someone who hasn’t scored a point in the NBA, I suggest purchasing the $220 flip flops that BBB had the gaul to put on the market.

There has been no shortage of mockery directed toward LaVar and Lonzo Ball for the price point, but maybe the biggest boom roast came from the ever-positive Dick Vitale.

Vitale is obviously referring to the Sweet Sixteen game in which Ketucky guard De’Aaron Fox had a career-high 39 points on 13-of-20 shooting to advance his Kentucky squad to the Elite Eight. Fox scored more points than any other player in a game in this year’s March Madness, all in Lonzo Ball’s eye. Ball had a forgettable 10 points and four turnovers on a 4-of-10 night from the field.


I don’t normally wish anyone to fail, but I can’t pretend that if Lonzo is a bust, my reaction would be anything other than this:

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