Dillon Gabriel Makes Strong Oklahoma Debut In New Helmet That Looks Like It’s From The Future

Dillon Gabriel Makes Strong Oklahoma Debut In New Futuristic Helmet

University of Oklahoma Athletics

The Dillon Gabriel era at Oklahoma has begun. Although it may be short-lived, given that he has only one year of eligibility remaining, it comes with a lot of hope for the Sooners to continue their success and it also comes with a new helmet.

Gabriel is one of a few college football players who chose to wear the new Riddell Axiom helmet this season. He was seen getting fitted for the new lid earlier this spring and he got to wear it for the first time during the first spring practice on Tuesday.

The helmet, which is custom-fitted to the player’s head, is designed to increase player safety. It has a lot of new features that put the player first and are considered the most advanced, personalized football helmet on the market.

The Riddell Axiom looks like something from the future.

It also looks more like a race car helmet than a football helmet.

Ohio State’s C.J. Stroud is also going to wear the new helmet this fall.

The biggest aspect of the helmet is the smart technology that is connected to Riddell’s new InSite Analytics software. The software allows teams to view head impact date on individual players and position group analysis.

Web-based, the analytics platform show as the quantity of team and individual head collisions increases or decreases on both a daily and weekly basis. It also includes charts that show the frequency of impact to specific locations, such as the back, front, left, right, or top of the head.

The technology is a huge breakthrough in the space and could see a significant increase in how head injuries and hits to the head are documented, treated, and perhaps most importantly, viewed.

In addition, the Axiom helmet offers personalized protection.

Players are fitted for their helmets through Riddell’s Verifyt app. It scans thickness, shape and contour of an athlete’s head, and Riddell takes that date to add interior liner pads to the helmet that properly fit the athlete in terms of comfort and protection.

The helmet also includes flex system panels to improve impact response and a new facemask that is intended to better manage and respond to the energy of an impact. Riddell also installed a panoramic visor that strengthens the facemask structure and provides a better view of the field.

Gabriel’s performance at Oklahoma’s spring practice on Tuesday was strong.

Sooners head coach Brett Venables had nothing but good things to say about his new quarterback during the offseason.

And on Tuesday, Gabriel looked very good in his first practice with his new team. Although, he definitely looked different than the rest of the players on the field in his new lid.

One throw from the first spring practice stood out in particular. It was a dime.

Gabriel will have to compete well in the spring and during the early fall practices this summer, but he and Stroud will likely be the first two starting quarterbacks in college football to take the field wearing Riddell’s Axiom helmets come Week 1.