DJ Khaled Goes Viral Sharing Video Of Him Painfully Wiping Out On An Electric Surfboard

DJ Khaled

Getty Image / Megan Briggs

Music mogul DJ Khaled has recently been on vacation in the Turks & Caicos Islands. He recently shared footage of him wiping out on an electric surfboard in a painful crash that left him sidelined.

What initially seemed to be just a self deprecating post to Instagram, owning his wipeout on the electric surfboard, later turned out to be more serious.

DJ Khaled would later need to get a message and see a doctor for a CT scan after the painful incident in the video below:

His followers wrote:

“He ain’t know he was gonna fall but… GOD DID!!!”

“Probably stick with golfing brother.”

“I feel like you said “WE THE BEST” right before you fell in.”

Khaled Mohammed Khaled would later share a video of him getting a massage. In the caption he wrote “Recap of morning golf soon come, I tried playing today but I had cut the game short I injured my self surfing yesterday. So I thought I could play through the pain. So I’m get a massage and call Dr. make sure I’m great.”

Things got so bad in the ensuing days that he was forced to go get a CT scan after his surfing accident:

DJ Khaled seemed primarily concerned about getting back out on the golf course as soon as possible, which is something I can absolutely relate to.