DJ Swearinger Continues To Rip Redskins Coaching Staff After Getting Cut On Christmas Eve For Calling Out Defensive Coordinator Following Loss To Titans

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After the Redskins loss to the Tennessee Titans on Saturday, veteran Redskins safety DJ Swearinger called out the team’s defensive coordinator Greg Manusky for not putting more pressure on Titans backup QB Blaine Gabbert.


We should have blowed them out,” . “If I’m the D-coordinator, I’m calling zone every time on third down because you got a backup quarterback. Make him beat us.

You don’t put Fabian in that situation on a backup quarterback,” Swearinger said. “Regardless of the [officials’] call, yeah, the ball was overthrown. But if we look at the quarterback, with all this talent we got in the back end, we could dominate every team every week. But I’m not the D-coordinator, bruh. We didn’t make the plays, I guess. There were plenty of plays out there to make, so we didn’t make the plays to win the game.”

I voice my frustration every single time I come off the field,” he said. “I’m a very smart football player. I probably watch more film than the coaches. That’s 100. That’s probably documented. I try to give my insight, but it doesn’t work. So I can only put my heart in this s—, dog … and give them what I can give them. Whether they take it or not, that’s another thing. That’s where the frustration comes in at, when we don’t win.”

Redskins coach Jay Gruden immediately denounced Swearinger’s comments about coach Manusky.

Two days after his comments Swearinger was called into Gruden’s office and told that he was being cut by the team.

Swearinger went on 106.7 The Fan and continued to rip the Redskins following his release.

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