Association Of Ringside Doctors ‘Truly Fear’ Someone’s Going To Get ‘Really Hurt’ In Mayweather Vs McGregor

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The ‘Fight of the Century’ will take place tomorrow night in Las Vegas with all eyes on Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. A TON of the money coming into the Vega sports books has been wagered on Conor McGregor, but a few MASSIVE bets yesterday forced the betting line to move back in Mayweather’s direction. Experts aren’t giving Conor McGregor much of a shot. The Wall Street Journal even likened this fight to a ‘donut’, basically claiming that this fight is something everybody wants but nobody needs, and like a donut it brings no value to your life whatsoever.

Some experts are still surprised this fight is even happening at all. Specifically, the Association of Ringside Physicians, a group of 100 doctors dedicated to preserving fighter’s health in the ring. They’re shocked the Nevada State Athletic Commission ever even approved the fight in the first place, and they are very concerned that someone’s going to get hurt in the ring tomorrow according to a report from the New York Times:

“‘We were very surprised this bout was even sanctioned and was going to be permitted to carry on,’ said Larry Lovelace, a doctor and the president of the organization, which is focused on preserving fighter safety. ‘The thing I really fear, truly fear, is that somebody’s going to get really hurt in this upcoming fight.'” (via)

When the group of 100 doctors whose job it is to keep fighters safe are sounding the alarms you’d think that the commission would listen, but nah. According to Business Insider, the Nevada commission and the state of Nevada actually have huge financial stakes in this fight. The state gets 8% of gross revenue from every ticket sold and the commission gets 25% of that. If I was an ethicist, which I’m not, I’d be concerned here.

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Regardless, the fight is happening. Floyd Mayweather is going to win. And everyone who placed bets on Conor McGregor is going to lose. [h/t Business Insider]