Dolphins Star Tyreek Hill Omits Jerry Rice From Top 5 All-Time WR List; Names Torry Holt Instead

Jerry Rice

Tim Nwachukwu/Getty Image

Dolphins’ standout wide receiver Tyreek Hill revealed his personal list of the top five wide receivers of all time, causing a bit of a stir within the football community.

Notably absent from Hill’s list was the legendary Jerry Rice, often hailed as the greatest wide receiver in NFL history.

Hill’s top five wide receivers, as disclosed on the NFL Network, are as follows: Antonio Brown, Terrell Owens, Torry Holt, Calvin Johnson, and Randy Moss.

This unexpected omission of Jerry Rice, who holds numerous records in receiving and is frequently regarded as the epitome of the position, raised eyebrows among fans.

Addressing the conspicuous absence of Rice from his list, Tyreek Hill maintained his respect for the iconic receiver’s accomplishments.

“A lot of people get mad at me because I don’t put Jerry Rice in my category,” Hill candidly remarked. “I love Jerry Rice — he played a long time in the NFL. He’s like the alpha of our position. He wasn’t playing in the sweet spot where I was able to watch. I was able to, in my rookie year, watch prime A.B. go out there and go for like 200.”

Hill’s remarks reflect his appreciation for the contemporary players he had the chance to observe closely during his early years in the league.

Despite his omission of Rice from his top five, Hill’s comments underscore his admiration for the legacy of Jerry Rice and his profound impact on the wide receiver position.