Dom Capers Returns To Panthers But His Hair Steals The Show

Dom Capers

Getty Image / George Gojkovich

The Carolina Panthers have had a busy offseason as the front office has restructured its coaching staff.

Many are applauding the franchise for building a stout group of coaches. They even brought back Dom Capers, who got his start with the organization years ago.

Capers recently held a presser with the media to re-introduce himself to the club. However, his hair totally stole the show.

Sheena Quick shares a picture of Dom Capers while he spoke about the changes within the Panthers organization since he last was coaching the team.

As you could imagine, Twitter did its thing as people from all over shared their reactions to Dom Capers’ hairstyle.

Remember when Creed from The Office dyed his hair jet black?

Some people are ruthless.

Jalen Rose catches a stray thanks to Dom Capers.

Lloyd Christmas for the win.

Dom Capers is just trying to fit in.

Okay, the accuracy on this joke is perfect.

At the end of the day, the Panthers are excited to have Dom Capers return. He’s been a solid coach through the years and brings a ton of experience to a team that needs it. Regardless of his Capers’ hair.