Donald Sterling Has Cancer

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Donald Sterling has been battling prostate cancer and has lived longer than some expected, according to a report from the New York Post.

“They thought he would die two years ago,” one source said of Sterling, who on Tuesday was banned for life from the NBA for his now-infamous recorded racist rant.

“People have been predicting his imminent demise. I’m sure he has the best . . . drugs money can buy,” said the source, who works closely with pro sports teams. “He can do anything to keep himself alive.”

The source said some of the medication Sterling has been taking is responsible for the puffy appearance of his face.

Another source said Sterling, 80, was specifically suffering from prostate cancer.

Sterling has reportedly been calling his friends in search of support, who in turn have been refusing to take his calls for fear of being recorded. He also apparently doesn’t understand the media frenzy surrounding his comments, suggesting his grasp on reality may be more tenuous than most thought.

Perhaps most importantly, the Post also reports that a pizza deliveryman visited Sterling’s residence on Thursday, which is HUGE IF TRUE.

[Image via Kimberly Lee/USA Today Sports]

[H/T: New York Post]

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