Donald Trump Predicted A PGA-LIV Merger A Year Before It Happened

Greg Norman and Donald Trump speak at the LIV Invitational in Washington DC.

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A bombshell dropped in the world of golf on Tuesday as the PGA announced a merger with rival LIV Golf. The two leagues had previously formed a despise for one another, but they’ll now work hand in hand.

Former President Donald Trump correctly predicted the merger nearly a year before it happened, even as the PGA publicly denounced its upstart competition.

LIV burst onto the golf scene in the spring of 2022. Former PGA star Greg Norman spearheaded the venture with the backing of Saudi funds. The new league offered an eight-tournament season that was perceived as less taxing on its golfers.

Team play and 54-hole events presented unique aspects to players and fans, and the money wasn’t bad either.

Tournament purses were ginormous and contracts were monumental.

As a result, LIV was able to swipe a number of high-profile PGA stars, including Cam Smith, Phil Mickelson, and Brooks Koepka. They offered many others, including Tiger Woods at $800 million, who spurned the money and remained loyal to PGA.

Now, that loyalty seems one-sided. PGA and LIV have announced a merger.

Initial criticisms of LIV arose due to where the money was coming from. Many on the PGA circuit blasted those that left the tour, most notably Rory McIlroy. McIlroy’s hate for his opponent seemed to subside over the last few months, and maybe now we know why.

While the news comes as a shock to many, there’s one businessman that saw it coming. Former President Donald Trump said nearly a year ago that he foresaw LIV and PGA partnering in the future.

Spot on.

PGA stars are reportedly unhappy with the news, and for good reason. Those that stuck their necks out to defend the tour now look silly. The tour claims that his is way to “unify the game of golf,” but its current members have to feel like there’s a knife in their backs.

LIV players, however, are taking a victory lap following two years of criticism.

It will be interesting to see what happens next. The first steps are sure to be rocky.