Total Boomer Donovan McNabb Gets Roasted After Scolding People For Making Jokes About Dak Prescott’s Hip Warmups

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If you didn’t derive great satisfaction from Dak Prescott’s Shakira-inspired pregame warmup ritual, then please find your closest lavatory because you have a huge poopie in your pants.

But, before you enter the stall, make sure Donovan McNabb isn’t in there dropping a giant Chunky soup dump brought on by the killjoy comments he made defending Dak Prescott when no defense was needed.

If anyone ever starts a sentence with “If you know anything about {X} then you would know {Y},” I will do everything in my power to make sure that person is launched from his high horse.

It looks like I have an army of people who will help.

This next one literally made me dry heave

I think the only thing left to say to McNabb is what Kevin Durant said to him two weeks ago when McNabb mocked his decision to team up with a moody Kyrie Irving.

Gronk needs to send Donny some of that CBD he’s been forcing down our throats since retirement.

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