Fantasy Football Team In Shambles? 5 Things You Can Do To Still Enjoy Football

by 4 years ago

This lineup won $1,000,000 on DraftKings last week.

There’s a good chance your fantasy football playoff hopes are a thing of the past. We know, we know, it’s not your fault. Who saw any of this Adrian Peterson stuff coming?

With two more months of the regular season remaining, it’s important to find other reasons to get amped.

Here are five things to keep you planted in front of the couch for every game.

Try 1-Week Fantasy Football at DraftKings
One-week fantasy football contests give you another way to win — and to win big. First-time depositors will get free entry into this weekend’s $100,000 contest. The first prize is a ridiculous $10,000 — way more than your so-called “real” league.

Embrace the Unpredictability
The NFL’s best record belongs to the Arizona Cardinals. The Detroit Lions are 7-2. The Cleveland Browns are in contention. Raise your hand if you saw any of this coming. Week in and week out, the surprises keep rolling.

Enjoy the Gunslinging
Never before have so many elite passers been in the league at once. Manning. The other Manning.
Brady. Luck. Big Ben. The yardage these guys are putting up is unreasonable. The days of three yards and a cloud of dust are in the rearview window and that’s a good thing.

Savor NFL RedZone
This one seems obvious but it needs to be said: how did we ever live without this channel? Seriously. It’s the greatest invention since the wheel.

Win $1,000,000
That’s right, I said $1,000,000. If the first DraftKings contest isn’t rich enough for your blood, this one surely is. The lineup above won $1,000,000 last week. The seven-figure top prize highlights a contest which will pay out the top 15,000 players. With an entry fee of $27, it’s a worthwhile shot to change your life.

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