Winning on DraftKings is Too Much Noise for Rickie Fowler

by 4 years ago


Sunday’s PGA Championship was one of the best days golf has seen in a long time. Three marquee players competing for a major? Doesn’t get much better than that.

Unless, of course, you stand to win some cold, hard cash.

Enter DraftKings, your one-stop shop for daily fantasy contests. They’re offering a can’t-miss opportunity this weekend with their 1-week PGA $10K Chip Shot golf game. If you’re new to DraftKings, you’ll be delighted to know you’re first-time deposit will receive a free entry. Interested? Claim your free entry now.

You’ll get a shot at a $1,000 first-place prize. There’s $10,000 total in play, so excellence will be rewarded. Don’t miss out.

If you seek higher stakes, check out this bad boy. For a $27 entry fee, you’ll be playing for a $40,000 pot and a grand prize of $7,000. Think of what you could do with $7K. Think of all the irresponsible ways you could spend it.

If you’ve never played fantasy golf, it’s not too difficult. You simply select a group of players under a salary cap. The better they do, they better you do.

It’s a lot of fun and adds some much-needed spice to your weekends before football starts.

What are you waiting for? Sign up now.

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