This Lineup Won $1,000,000 On DraftKings Last Week? Good Thing I Can Become A Millionaire This Week Too


Last week, a lucky Bro won $1,000,000 just by selecting eight names and a defensive unit. That is tremendous work if you can get it. And guess what? You can.

DraftKings is offering another shot at the enormous prize during the second week of its Millionaire Maker contest. For $27, you’ll compete for the seven-figure title and another $1.2 million in prize money.

It’s like taking your usual fantasy football game and injecting it with dangerous levels of excitement.

Weekly games — especially big-money ones like this — bring a unique excitement. Gone your days of worrying about injuries and bye weeks. This is one weekend of action for a shot at glory and life-changing cash.

All of us in the office played last week and just the notion of winning $1,000,000 was enough to reduce our at-work productivity. We’re going for it again this week because it’s just too good of an offer to pass up.

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