The Return Of Matthew Stafford. Let The Biggest Bro In The NFL Earn You $10,000 Playing Fantasy Football!


It’s that time of the NFL season when Bros across the country take a look at their fantasy teams and wonder aloud what the hell they were thinking on draft night. Buyer’s remorse begins to seep in when confronted with three more months of Ryan Tannenhill and Chris Johnson.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. DraftKings offers 1-week fantasy football contests all season long without the aggravation of season-ending injuries and waiver wire vultures.

This week, the NFL $100,000 Play Action contest gives players a shot at a top prize of $10,000. Entry is just $2 and first-time depositors will play for free.

Talk about a solid value. You’re playing for real money, not something lame like office bragging rights.

Participating is a snap. Just select a team under the specified salary cap and hope they perform. It’s the perfect way to spice up your football-watching.

So don’t delay and let others claim what’s rightfully yours. Sign up now.




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