This Is How I’m Winning $10,000 This Week. Wouldn’t You Like To Know?


Hey Bro. How’d the first weekend of NFL football go for you? Good? Bad? Somewhere in between?

Well, no matter how you fared, we have a sure-fire way to make the second week even better.

Winning $10,000 with a FREE 1-week fantasy contest.

Here’s how you do it. Swing on over to DraftKings and sign up for the Week 2 $100,000 contest. Entering costs the same as a cheap lunch and the first-place prize is five figures’ worth of awesomeness. If you’re new to the site, the pot is even sweeter as first time depositors will get free entry.

Take it from a person whose fantasy team already looks like a MASH unit: weekly fantasy is pretty awesome. All that long-term commitment is a thing of the past. Trust us. We always shoot you straight, not like that schemin’ Roger Goodell.

Drop everything and sign up now.



One-day fantasy football money leagues are now available at

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