Thirsty-Ass Drake Spits Game At 50-Year-Old ESPN Sideline Reporter Doris Burke, ACTUALLY LANDS A DATE!!!!

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When Drake is a thirsty dude, the whole world knows about it. Remember when he was crushing on Skylar Diggins, constantly being spotted in public rocking her apparel? He could barely contain himself at the ESPYs that one time.

Rembert Browne profiled 50-year-old ESPN sideline reporter Doris Burke forNew York Magazine earlier this year, in which she revealed that Drake is now crushing hard on her. Here’s a little anecdote in Burke’s words:

Can I tell you something about the last time I was there? I just could not believe this happened. Drake turned around — my seat at game six was right behind him — makes a heart shape [with his hands], and points at me. I’m looking around behind me to see who’s there, turn back to him, and then he points and he does it again. I texted my daughter and said, “You need to know Drake just did this to me.”

Since the story went viral today AND it’s Wednesday, it was only natural that he pay tribute to his #WCW. With Steph Curry and company in tonight, tonight Drizzy showed up courtside rocking a sweater with Doris Burke on it.

Drake’s thirst is so real. It’s worth a chuckle:

UPDATE 11:24 PM: 

Drake was literally interviewed about Doris Burke tonight. He waxed to the cameras about how much he loved her, inviting her over to dinner, as you can see above:

I think she’s a stunning woman. Incredible at what she does. I wish she was here tonight. But just sending all my love to her… I don’t know what camera to look at but (mimes kisses) blowing a lot of kisses.

I love Doris with all my heart so hopefully she knows that she’s ‘woman crush everyday.’ That’s why I wore the shirt… let her know dinner at my house anytime (as) long as she comes alone, you know?




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