Drake Goes Crazy After Pulling A Michael Jordan Rookie Card Worth Up To $700K

Unsplash / Mick Haupt

  • Drake went on IG Live with Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin to open expensive basketball cards
  • On his first pack, Drake pulled a 1986 Fleer Michael Jordan Rookie, which is worth upwards of $700K+
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Last night Drake went on Instagram Live with Goldin Auctions founder Ken Goldin to break open a bunch of expensive boxes of basketball cards.

One of the boxes was 1986 Fleer basketball. Drake was hunting for the holy grail Michael Jordan rookie card in this box and on the first pack, he pulled one.

Here’s the video of Drake pulling the MJ on the first pack below. He and Ken Goldin’s reactions are awesome.

Due to the boom of the sports card hobby, a Michael Jordan ’86 Fleer rookie card can sell anywhere from $50,000 to $700,000+ depending on the condition right now.

Drake would go on to pull five more Michael Jordans—two regular rookie cards and three rookie sticker cards, thus bringing his total to six total MJs.

More About Drake’s Sports Card Break

Ken Goldin is pretty much at the top of the sports card industry. Goldin Auctions is home to some of the biggest card sales and is known as a trusted auction house for cards and other sports memorabilia.

Drake likely procured the boxes of 1986 Fleer from Goldin. Drake and Goldin also opened packs of 2003-2004 Topps Chrome Basketball (known for having the Lebron James rookie) and a couple of boxes of Panini Flawless Basketball.

It’s worth noting a single box of Panini Flawless goes for about $46,000.

Drake actually cracked open several Panini Flawless boxes two weeks ago as well.

Total Value of the Michael Jordan Rookie Cards

It wouldn’t be crazy to think the total value of Drake’s Micahel Jordan rookie cards is over $1 million dollars.

The cards would have to grade well at a PSA 9 or 10. A PSA 10 is perfect, which is hard to get but Drake has a case for getting a perfect card grade thanks to opening it fresh out of a pack that’s been protected for over 35 years.

I’m sure he will get those cards graded ASAP too, especially since PSA tweeted about the event.

If Drake could also keep opening insanely expensive sports cards too that would be greatly appreciated.

Regardless of a major pull or not, the anticipation makes for great content.