Drake Lost A MASSIVE Bet To French Montana Because He Gambled Against LeBron James In NBA Finals


Sports gambling is a bad, bad habit to get into, bros. And while you may have tossed a few bones into the ring hoping that you’d win some money on the NBA Finals last night, Drake found out that he should have spent his cash elsewhere.

That’s because, according to XXL.com, the Toronto rapper has to pay fellow rapper French Montana $60,000 after he thought Stephen Curry would prevail over LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavs.

The video above shows French saying, “Shout-out to my brother Drizzy Drake for that 60 bands, ‘cuz you ain’t believe in LeBron,” meaning @ChampagnePapi was drowning his sorrows in alcohol last night rather than toasting to the good life.

As we learned last night, no one should EVER gamble against LeBron, so not really the smartest bet Drake has ever made, if you ask me.


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