Drake Jokes, ‘Nuggets Finally Got Me A Sports Win,’ After Impressive NBA Finals Prediction

Drake celebrates after an NBA game.

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Music star Drake enjoyed the NBA Finals more than most. The rapper and known sports bettor banked more than $800,000 on the Nuggets’ Game 5 win in Denver.

Many believe the huge win might’ve just ended the infamous ‘Drake Curse,’ which the musician joked about online after the fact.

Those that casually follow sports betting know all about his track record. Most recently, he went 0-2 on a massive Final Four parlay. He also lost out on a $1.6M payout during the NHL Playoffs, and he may be the only person to have successfully predicted the World Cup champion and still lose.

He chose Argentina to win in regulation, which didn’t happen, costing him another million bucks.

But the times, they are a changing.

At the beginning of the month, Drake placed a combined $1,250,000 worth of future bets on the NBA’s final series. That money was spread across two separate wagers, with a potential payout totaling around $830,000.

On Monday night, both bets hit.

The first needed only the Nuggets to win the NBA title. That $1M ticket had the potential to pay out $1,230,000, a near quarter-million dollar win for the rapper.

The second was more impressive, with Drake correctly predicting the series to end with Denver winning 4-1. That $250,000 wager landed an $850,000 payout, a win of $600,000.


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Game 5’s result secured both, as well as the franchise’s first championship. After the game, Drake took to social media to celebrate.

Champagne Papi posted a pair of photos on his Instagram story featuring Denver players. In the first, Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray are seen celebrating in the locker room. That post came along with a caption reading, “Me and Eddie after the Nuggets finally got me a sports win.”

The second showed Murray, a fellow Canadian, after the game accompanied by a caption saying, “CASH ME.”

Fans were quick to react to the big win.

One person wrote, “So much for the curse.”

Another asked, “Is the Drake curse reversed?”

We’ll see if he can keep the momentum rolling on his next big bet.