Draymond Green Fires Back At Skip Bayless Over Comments He Made Before Game 6


Getty Image / Adam Glanzman

  • Skip Bayless claims Draymond Green said this week that LeBron James’ Cavaliers were better than this year’s Celtics
  • Today, Draymond fired back at Bayless
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After winning the 4th NBA title of his career, Draymond Green decided to take some time off from celebrating to address a comment made by Skip Bayless before last night’s Game 6.

On Wednesday, Draymond spoke about the different challenges the Warriors faced when they met LeBron in the Finals compared to this year’s matchup against the Celtics.

Yesterday, Skip Bayless decided he should try to interpret the true meaning of this comment from Draymond.

“Draymond is basically saying the Celtics are not as good as LeBron’s Cavaliers were. LeBron in his prime in 2015 with a healthy Kyrie and Kevin Love would’ve swept these Celtics.”

This morning, Draymond responded to Bayless’ comment, rejecting the idea that he was saying the Celtics were not as good as those Cavaliers teams.

Really, the most egregious part of Skip’s comment is the idea that you can assume those Cavs teams would sweep anybody after round 2 of the playoffs. They dropped a game against a much less talented Celtics squad in 2017 after they had already lost Isaiah Thomas for the series. They also needed 6 games to get past the Raptors the year before.

At this point, it really wouldn’t even matter if Draymond was saying the Cavs were better than this Celtics squad because, at the end of the day, the Warriors have now beaten both of them.