Draymond Green Wastes No Time Getting Into It With De’Aaron Fox After Returning From Suspension

Draymond Green

Getty Image / Loren Elliott

The Golden State Warriors are trying to even up the series against the Sacramento Kings after winning Game 3.

Draymond Green is back from his suspension, which gives new life to Golden State. However, he immediately got into it with De’Aaron Fox when he hit the court.

The Action Network shares the clip of Warriors fans going crazy for Green entering the game for the first time since Game 2.

Even so, not long after hitting the court, Draymond Green was called for a foul after slapping Keegan Murray in the face.

As a result, the Kings’ star De’Aaron Fox got into Green’s face. The two exchanged heated words in the middle of the court, causing a stir amongst Warriors fans.

Nobody was kicked off of the court during this back-and-forth. Additionally, it’s hard to tell if Draymond Green’s slap was intentional or not.

Regardless, this is nothing new for someone like Green. He has a bit of a history with these types of fouls. Especially in the playoffs.

Additionally, seeing De’Aaron Fox step up and defend his teammate had to have lit a fire under the Kings. They’re playing well and remaining in the fight so far in the first half.

With that said, maybe we’ll see more chippiness throughout this game. Let’s just hope it doesn’t lead to a Draymond Green suspension again.